What Types Of Tools Are Use For Creative Writing?

Writing Tools

Creative writing is surely an art which demands much intellectual exercise from its pursuer. Today’s world is all about science and technology. Writing is one of the forms of art which you can improve all the time. Writing helps people to express themselves more clearly, reduces tension, and brings order to their chaotic minds. However, writing appears to be intimidating to the vast majority of people.

The number of tools available to writers and storytellers today allows them to efficiently plan all of their writing works, from concise short pieces to expertly produced novels. Writing technology makes it simple for us to create our stories.

Moreover, if you face any obstacle in your creative writing journey.UK ghostwriters are always at your disposal to help you out professionally. 

Creative Writing Tools

As we discussed above that how advancement in technology has impacted the writing field. However, when we talk about tools, there are some factors other than technology that matters as well. In this article, we will explore both technological and non-technological tools that can enhance your writing capabilities. 

Grammarly Assistance

Grammarly is a tool for improving writing that goes beyond standard spell checkers. It has plagiarism, grammar, punctuation, and spell checking. A tool for improving vocabulary is also included.

This writing tool checks your material in six different writing genres for more than 250 different forms of grammatical errors. Additionally, this application offers weekly progress reports as well as thorough explanations for all of your faults. It’s offered as a website, a desktop application, a Microsoft Office add-in, and a browser plugin.

It not only checks/confirms/corrects many of the grammar rules we usually take for granted, but it also evaluates your writing and suggests changes.

Creative ways with Hemingway

Do you wish your writing had a greater impact? Use the Hemingway editor or just copy and paste your document into the editor to compose. Then Hemingway will evaluate each word and provide you with ideas for making your sentences better.

Examine your writing for readability, passive voice, excessive adverb use, and opportunities for clearer language. This software is quite simple. Simply paste your content into the screen’s centre. There will be a readability rating, color coding, and suggestions for improvement. There is also a premium desktop edition that comes with a few extra capabilities, like WordPress and Microsoft Word integration.

Coschedule Your Headings

You are fully aware of the significance of creating a compelling headline if you work as a copywriter or blogger. Headlines are your content’s initial point of contact with the outside world and frequently the main factor in readers’ decisions to read it, making them an essential component of the writing process.

You can create headlines using Coschedule that will increase your search engine results. Furthermore, you can also write headlines for your blog entries or social media with Coschedule Headline Analyzer.

Moreover, this smart app is comprehensive, as it provides you with great insights about your headings. It provides you with your headline’s general structure, grammar, length, and readability are all examined. Coschedule also shows samples of the subject lines for Google searches.

A like-Minded Writing Group

Anyone who wants encouragement from other writers who share their interests should join a writing group.

It’s possible that your family members or even some friends won’t be the ideal audience for your writing or even be interested in reading it.

It might be difficult to put oneself out there, particularly when trying new creative things. However, you must allow someone else to read your work, and they must be objective and willing to tell it like it is.

Moreover, one of the biggest advantages of a writing group is that it offers moral assistance. When you whine that writing is difficult, other writers will understand. Furthermore, you can talk about your aspirations with like-minded individuals.

The priceless feedback that comes from the group. Even if you don’t want to hear it, they will give you candid comments. This can boost your morale and confidence.

Use Yoast

Make your material as search engine discoverable as you can if you write for the general audience. Here’s where SEO comes into play. However, SEO may be perplexing, particularly since Google keeps updating its SEO algorithms to provide its consumers with better search results.

Yoast SEO has several elements that can help you make your content better and more search-engine friendly.

Rich snippets, the option to add emphasis on keywords, and other features assist you in optimizing your content and raising your chances of ranking on Google’s first page. 

Read To Write

You must read if you wish to write.

Read every novel and the short story you can get your hands on to get started. Don’t bother about making notes or analyzing the stories in-depth. Simply read. Most likely, you’ve completed most of it already. Every writer begins their writing process by reading.

Browse new books, secondhand books, and digital stores for as much time as you can spare. A fantastic resource that costs very little and is widely available is free ebooks.

Keep a Note 

As frequently as you can, keep notes on yourself. And if you don’t like writing things down in notebooks, think about adding a note-taking app on your phone or another mobile device. You may use Notion or Evernote. Wouldn’t writing be preferable to playing a phone game or browsing social media, even if you’re only writing on your phone?

Make keeping a notebook a habit as soon as possible. Every day, write something, even if it’s as simple as the weather or what you had for breakfast.

You’ve succeeded when it becomes more difficult to not write than it is to write. You’ve developed the habit of writing.


Now, we have discussed both the technological and non-technological ways in which you can utilize to enhance your creative writing. Remember, it is you who does the main work. Moreover, don’t shy from the hard work and try every tool we have mentioned to give your writing a boost and increase its credibility

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