This cool map shows surface area of planets as if they were continents

A implausible new map from net comedian artist Randall Munroe exhibits the relative floor areas of all of the rocky planets and moons within the photo voltaic system as if they have been continents branching off from the oceans of Earth. The map, entitled “Floor Space” on Munroe’s website, is an excellent visualization of the relative sizes of all the main strong our bodies within the photo voltaic system introduced as a well-known world map.


You may need heard, for instance, that Jupiter’s moon Ganymede and Saturn’s moon Titan are each individually bigger than the planet Mercury. Munroe, who labored for NASA as a programmer and roboticist earlier than turning into a full-time webcomic artist, has created a map that’s a good way to visualise these planetary measurement variations, and in addition gives the benefit of evaluating complete planets to Earth continents. You’ll be able to shortly see how Jupiter’s moon Europa dwarfs the continent Europe, having about the identical floor space as Africa, whereas Saturn’s little moon Enceladus is hardly greater than Japan.

It is a vast world on the market—er, photo voltaic system.


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