Prosecution rests in Bismarck murder trial

The trial, set to final by way of Friday, concluded its third day of testimony with witnesses, together with investigators and forensic examiners.

Most notable was detailed testimony from North Dakota State Forensic Examiner Dr. William Massello over the circumstances of Coffelt’s demise.

Massello stated Coffelt died from “a number of blunt impacts to the top and the face.” He autopsied Coffelt the day after her demise, noting patterned damage bruising on her face and the again of her head, in addition to scrapes and different bruises on her arms, legs and behind.

She did have medicine in her system on the time of her demise, in line with Massello, who stated “the damage she had would have been a deadly one even with out the medicine.”

After Massello’s testimony of forty five minutes, Lawyer rested the prosecution. Loraas motioned to dismiss the case beneath Rule 29 associated to inadequate prosecutorial proof, which Lawyer opposed and Decide John Grinsteiner denied.

In earlier testimony, narcotics investigator David Stewart, of Bismarck Police, answered questions relating to the invention of Misty Coffelt’s physique behind the Runnings farm items retailer in Bismarck the night time of April 14-15, 2016, and his associated preliminary investigation.

Lawyer objected a number of occasions to protection lawyer James Loraas’ line of questioning over what she referred to as rumour in Stewart’s responses.

Brickle-Hicks’ ex-girlfriend additionally gave temporary testimony relating to his residence together with her for a number of months till late March 2016.

Emily Hoge and Kyle Splichal, of the North Dakota state crime lab, testified about their workplace’s practices in proof dealing with and DNA evaluation.

Hoge spoke about processing Coffelt’s garments whereas Splichal answered questions on high quality assurance and DNA profiles associated to Brickle-Hicks’ and Coffelt’s samples, as distinctive as “one in ninety eight octillion.”

Grinsteiner dismissed the 12-member jury and adjourned courtroom at three:forty five p.m. Wednesday to readjourn the next morning.

Brickle-Hicks, 34, has pleaded harmless to Class AA felony homicide. On Tuesday, jurors watched a 2.5-hour video during which Brickle-Hicks is seen admitting to detectives he struck Coffelt repeatedly and left her nonetheless alive however critically injured behind Runnings.

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