Port: Heitkamp cozies up to the man her Democratic base views as the American Hi…

He is a white supremacist.

A bigot.

An evil totalitarian.

One thing akin to an Adolf Hitler/David Duke love baby.

We have seen the President characterised that means by our left wing pals on social media. On

the state’s speak radio exhibits. Within the regional newspapers.

This week, although, Sen. Heidi Heitkamp cozied as much as this bête noire of the American left.

Trump courted Heitkamp throughout his journey to North Dakota.

She flew to the state from Washington, D.C. on Air Pressure One, proper alongside evil incarnate.

The Nice Devil from the White Home praised her throughout his speech in Mandan, calling

Heitkamp a “good lady.”

He jabbed at her a bit too, however even that gibe from Trump got here with an uncharacteristically mild


Throughout a portion of his speech the place he referenced President Ronald Reagan’s tax reforms, he famous these insurance policies have been handed by a Democratic majority within the Home of Representatives and have been supported by a majority of Democrats within the Senate.

“Together with a Democratic senator from the good state of North Dakota,” Trump stated.

Then, wanting stage left at Heitkamp, he stated, “Did you hear that Heidi?”

As the gang laughed, Trump stated, “I am not placing her on the spot.”

It was, general, a light-weight-hearted second amid a day of political romance between the President

and North Dakota’s junior senator.

Most political observers try to discern what all of it means. Does Trump have a technique? Is

he serving to or hurting Heitkamp’s possibilities within the 2018 cycle the place her odds of reelection are a

coin flip?

Legitimate questions, to make certain, however I am marveling on the disconnect between the anti-Trump rhetoric from North Dakota progressives and their willingness to simply accept Sen. Heitkamp’s chummy relationship with a person they contemplate to be the rattling satan.

One left wing reader on Twitter advised me it was simply Heitkamp being politically pragmatic. Which

is sensible, I assume, besides it is arduous to simply accept pragmatism as an evidence for enjoying good with somebody most of Heitkamp’s left wing political base views as a tangerine-tinted Mussolini.

North Dakota’s liberals cannot have it each methods. They can not keep it up as if President Trump

have been main a brand new motion of American fascists after which shrug their collective shoulders when Heidi Heitkamp, for oh-so- pragmatic political causes, performs good with him.

Or, they will I assume, however then maybe we needn’t take them so critically the subsequent time they

begin ranting about Trump.

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