Music therapy helps patients recover from brain injuries

Music remedy helps sufferers get well from mind accidents

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WEBVTT who was all previous — when a automotive wreck –almost ended hrtis life.<I WAS IN A COMA FOR SEVEN AND A HALF MONTHS. EIGHT MONTHS TO THE DAY OF MY ACCIDENT I SAID MY FIRSTWORD.> Kyle’s mom — Meladee Graven — hardly left hisbedside.<WE DIDN’TrtEVEN HAVE ONE BIT OF HOPE THAT HE WAS GONNA MAKE IT.> However then — “On With Life” — stepped in. <RIGHTrtTOGETHER, RIGHT TOGETHER.> With a remedy –referred to as music remedy. <MUSIC WASONE OF MY BIG PASSIONS. PRIOR TOMY ACCIDENT.> Therapists right here –rtuse music — to assist encourage coma sufferers.<PERFECT JOB. WAY TO GO, DUDE!> Music has beenrtproven to assist the mind heal.<LET IT RELAX.PUSH DOWN GOOD.><SEEING SOMEONE TALK FOR THE FIRST TIME AFTER THEY’VE HAD A STROKE. rtSOMETIMES I GET TO SEE THOSETHINGS HAPPEN FOR THE FIRST TIME.><MUSIC REALLY IMPACTS YOUR SOUL.> <MUSIC TOOK MErtTO A BETTER PLACE, WHERE INEEDED TO BE FOR REHAB.>The Graven’s — did not know whatmusic remedy was.<THE MUSICrtJUST KIND OF WENT THROUGH HIM,AND IT PULLED HIM OUT OF A LOTOF THINGS.> However — after just some months of remedy.<SO I WALKEDrtINTO THE DOOR, AND HE SAID, ‘HI MOM.’ AND I JUST. IT WAS THEBEST DAY EVER. THE BEST DAY EVER.> That they had their boy again. <‘KISS SOUND.’ ‘I rtLOVE YOU.>

Music remedy helps sufferers get well from mind accidents

Music has an unimaginable impact on individuals recovering from critical mind accidents or surgical procedures.

An Iowa man discovers the facility of music remedy within the video within the participant above.

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