Letter: Why pay homage to enemies of U.S.?

Washington and Jefferson lived a few years earlier than the Civil Struggle, and certainly owned slaves at a time in American historical past when it was not solely authorized, however, no less than with some, socially acceptable. Nevertheless, to equate Washington and Jefferson with leaders of the Confederacy exhibits a profound lack of expertise of American historical past.

To start with, the statues which were coming down weren’t erected within the mid 1800s following the Civil Conflict in honor of struggle heroes. Most of these statues have been erected within the early 1900s in the course of the Jim Crow days by sympathizers of the confederacy as a poke within the eye to individuals who believed all males are created equal.

Washington and Jefferson have been builders of this nice nation of ours. They have been a few of our forefathers who labored arduous to place collectively this nation and devoted a lot time to its creation and sustainability.

However, leaders of the Confederacy have been enemies of the USA. They have been traitors to the USA. They waged conflict towards the USA. They sought to interrupt up these United States.

Whereas slavery was an enormous cause for the Civil Struggle, It’s also inaccurate to say the North went to warfare to free the slaves. When the southern states determined to secede from the union, the North went to struggle to carry the nation collectively. President Lincoln did not concern the Emancipation Proclamation, liberating the slaves, till January 1863, virtually two years into the Civil Struggle.

Current public shows by Nazis and KKK have rightfully fueled the decision to eliminate statues commemorating enemies of the USA. Why would any American patriot bow right down to an enemy of america? Why ought to enemies of the USA be placed on show? Why ought to the losers of the Civil Struggle be given participation trophies?

Joe T. Chyle

Pisek, N.D.

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