Letter: Real men protect, not endanger, others

I might supply the next: I am positive that if Cramer would ponder the anguish and ache of these harmless People that have gun violence that he would change his view.

Definitely our cultural narratives help the view that the Second Modification is being correctly interpreted. And, in context, I might go as far as to agree that bearing a single-shot musket in 1776 was an inexpensive factor to do. Nevertheless extending that “proper” to assault weapons (weapons of struggle) and to silencers (an augmentation typically employed to cover homicide) just isn’t your nice-nice grandfather’s flintlock. Cramer argues that silencers would shield listening to at gun ranges. Variety sir, in the event you’ve not the sense to put on listening to safety, do you’ve got the sense to personal a gun?

In what some have characterised as a hyper-masculine tradition marinated in tales of false derring-do, the typical Joe fantasizes concerning the energy of his trendy handgun which compared to even his father’s is a minimum of a hand-grenade you can level. In 22 years of regulation enforcement, I handled a number of wanna-be robust guys armed to the hilt and displaying the petulant state of indignant three-yr-olds. Certainly, in an inverse relationship, the extra weapons the larger the chip on their shoulders was a rule of thumb.

Once more I might encourage Cramer to consider what it’s wish to have a gap tear via an harmless individual’s physique as a result of that they had the misfortune of dwelling in a troublesome-man tradition. Does he consider it isn’t so dangerous if they can not hear it? That it might be extra well mannered?

I might additionally recommend to Cramer that actual males shield and do not endanger others.

David Evans

Bemidji, Minn.

Evans is a retired senior inspector with U.S. Customs.

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