Letter: Americans must be more caring, helpful

What can also be disturbing to myself and different is the hypocrisy of this presidential administration. We have now to ask ourselves if there’s a trace of “love thy neighbor as thyself” with an administration that’s forcefully putting blame for this nation’s issues on the so-referred to as “illegals” coming to this nation and by some means a wall is a few sort of the last word answer?

As a rustic, it appears the general public might have missed some historical past courses to assume a wall is the last word deterrent. Ought to we overlook concerning the Berlin Wall separating East Germany from West Germany?

Republican President Reagan was instrumental within the removing of that wall by publicly proclaiming “take down that wall” and in a brief time period it was taken down by the West.

This nation already has a partial wall on the southern border and for what good it’s doing I’ve to query. Willpower by foreigners who’re escaping horrific lives in Mexico and Central America danger their lives to get to this nation. And smugglers will all the time discover a means to usher in individuals or medicine whether or not it’s by land or sea or air or tunnels, or drones or balloons.

Can we truthfully say that Mr. Trump is a loving and caring president and loves thy neighbor as thyself? There are such a lot of proclamations that he has made since his presidency that seem to

be of a vindictive nature, under no circumstances presidential. As a world, we’re all neighbors and ought to be involved and useful to at least one one other.

Connie Omdahl

Warren, Minn.

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