It was so cold in Florida iguanas were falling from the trees

He responded as many individuals in all probability would: he shared a photograph on social media. Then he contemplated, “What do you do?” he informed the New York Occasions.

One of many strongest winter storms on the East Coast in trendy historical past has pummeled cities with snow and sleet, forcing faculties and companies to shut whereas grounding hundreds of flights.

And in South Florida, it’s “raining iguanas.”

Inexperienced iguanas, like all reptiles, are coldblooded animals, so when the temperature falls to a sure degree iguanas develop into motionless, saidKristen Sommers of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Fee. Underneath 50 levels Fahrenheit, they grow to be sluggish. Underneath forty levels, their blood stops shifting as a lot, Sommers stated.

They like to take a seat in timber,and “it is develop into chilly sufficient that they fall out.”

This isn’t a brand new phenomenon – there have been comparable studies in 2008 and 2010 – although it isn’t typical.

“The truth is South Florida does not get that chilly fairly often or lengthy sufficient that you simply see this steadily,” Sommers stated.

However what ought to one do with a fallen iguana?

Cerabino informed the New York Occasions that he prodded the iguana with a pool skimmer.

“He did not transfer,” Cerabino stated. “However he is in all probability nonetheless alive. My expertise is that they take some time to die.”

Maxine Bentzel, a reporter at CBS12 Information, steered that “iguanas have a superb probability of thawing out in case you transfer them into the solar.”

The specialists would like you did not.

Sommers stated the reptiles might develop into frightened as they heat.

“Like several wild animal it can attempt to defend itself,” she stated.

And there are cautionary tales.

Ron Magill of the Miami Zoo advised WPLG TV in 2010 a few man who collected sleeping iguanas and threw them into the again of his station wagon. Then they awoke.

“Unexpectedly this stuff are coming alive, crawling on his again and virtually induced a wreck.”

The state of affairs was a lot worse for iguanas in 2010, when temperatures in South Florida fell to the low 30s, the Solar Sentinel reported.

“Neighborhoods resounded with the thud of iguanas dropping from timber onto patios and pool decks,” Sentinel reporter David Fleshler wrote.

Many iguanas died that yr, as did different animals.

“Many pythons have been reported lifeless, floating within the Everglades,” the Fish and Wildlife Fee stated in a press release to the Palm Seashore Submit.

The deaths resulted from each the low temperatures and the size of time of the frigid climate.

The iguana inhabitants has since recovered, to the consternation of residents.

“We’ve been receiving extra calls from individuals…

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