How to grow Nonstop begonias from seed

A: Though potted Nonstop begonias are simply bought from backyard facilities in spring, elevating them your self from seed is a enjoyable venture. The above photograph exhibits Nonstops that my spouse, Mary, and I grew from seed began in early January in our basement underneath fluorescent lights. It takes 4 to 5 months from the date of seeding till crops are giant sufficient to transplant to outside containers.

Sprinkle the mud-like begonia seed on the floor of pre-moistened seeding combine resembling Jiffy Combine. Water gently, cowl with clear plastic wrap, and place on a germination warmth pad intently beneath fluorescent lights for 14 to 21 days till tiny seedlings seem. Take away from warmth pad and proceed to develop till crops are giant sufficient to deal with. Transplant into recycled cell-packs and proceed to develop till giant sufficient for the subsequent transplanting into four-inch pots. Plant outdoor after frost hazard is previous. Bingo! You could have dozens of your personal Nonstop begonias.

Q: My 10-yr-previous Colorado blue spruce are dropping needles and turning brown — what can I do to save lots of them? – Dave Kastan, Alexandria, Minn.

A: Some dropping of older needles on evergreen interiors is regular cyclical needle shedding, however I doubt that is the state of affairs you are referring to. Browning and dying of latest and previous spruce needles may be brought on by herbicide drift, however a standard epidemic that is sweeping the area is needle forged illness brought on by the fungi rhizosphaera or stigmina. Colorado spruce is extra prone to the illnesses than Black Hills Spruce, though the latter is not immune.

As described by North Dakota State College, basic signs of needle forged embrace brownish purple discoloration and eventual demise of older needles, whereas present-yr (outer) needles present no signs. One other key attribute is the microscopic rows of small black dots (fungal fruiting our bodies) on needles’ undersides, noticeable with a hand magnifying glass.

Needle forged illnesses could be managed with fungicides containing chlorothalonil. Two correctly-timed purposes per yr for no less than two or three consecutive years, longer within the case of stigmina needle forged, are required for management.

The primary software ought to happen when the newly opening needles are half elongated, often round Memorial Day, however precise timing will depend on the yr, the situation and the person tree. The second software ought to happen three to 4 weeks after the primary software.

For details about these illnesses, search on-line for “Two…

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