Happy Marmot Day, Alaska!

Feb. 2 is Marmot Day in Alaska. Here’s a poem initially revealed within the Anchorage Every day Information on Marmot Day in 2011.

“BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA…Marmot Day is established on February 2 of every yr. The day could also be noticed by appropriate observances and workouts by faculty packages, the Alaska Zoo, civic teams, and the general public.” — Alaska Statutes forty four.12.one hundred ten

Let all loyal Alaskans right now hail the Marmot,

A most perspicacious and savvy wee varmint,

With meteorological prowess so potent

That skeptics confess it is no typical rodent.

This marvel of nature, at most a foot lengthy,

Shouldn’t be recognized for diving or antlers or music.

(Although it strains many parkas, as a result of it is so furry,

And tastes good when sauteed with carrots and curry.)

Proud Marmot’s formidable energy, as an alternative,

Is its imaginative and prescient, which seems to be out to 6 weeks forward.

The state legislature, subsequently, declared reward,

Enacting a statute — and in simply ninety days!

Henceforth and yearly on 2 February

From slumber the Marmot shall exit and tarry,

And if, within the daylight, its shadow discovers,

Return to its den and leap again within the covers.

From shades on the snow our sage can divine

That bone-piercing chilly will prevail ’til March 9.

But when skies be cloudy, then man and beast cheer,

For Marmot proclaims that truthful spring is now right here!

Thus youngsters await, with unveiled incandescence,

Their Marmot Day goodies and Marmot Day presents.

With playing cards, lights and dance people dismiss winter’s blahs

And inform jolly tales of Previous Marmy Claus.

Alas! We’re a great distance from heat ‘skeeter season.

The temperature steadily skulks under freezin’.

The golf hyperlinks are snow-packed. The sidewalks are slick.

The ice on the driveway is 9 inches thick.

But when tulips do not but seem on the hill,

We will nonetheless dream that, ultimately, they’ll,

A Marmot Day customized that is straightforward to maintain

For those who make like sensible Marmot — and return to sleep.

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