Corn plant surprises reader with rare bloom

A: I’ve by no means seen the flowers of corn plant, which is a member of the Dracaena houseplant group, they usually reportedly not often flower indoors, so thanks for sharing this. When crops flower, there are sometimes two causes. First, it may imply they’re fortunately receiving the care and lightweight they want, as when African violets or Christmas cactus flower. Or secondly, it may be an indication the plant is beneath stress and it is flowering in an instinctive try to breed itself in case it dies. Spruce timber in failing well being typically do that with heavy a great deal of cones.

I feel your corn plant is flowering as a result of it is pleased. As you talked about, some crops which might be root-sure usually tend to flower. For instance, geraniums bloom higher indoors if barely pot-sure. Though I can not see the entire measurement of your plant, a pot 10 to 12 inches in diameter must be about proper. Most foliage-sort houseplants do flower of their native jungles the place they’re rising as shrubs and timber, however not typically indoors the place they’re confined to much less best circumstances.

Q: Deer are rubbing the bark off our younger fruit timber. They’ve finished this earlier than and the timber died. There are timber throughout us, however they decide the very younger timber — particularly these we worth. Is there one thing we will placed on the timber in order that they’ll depart them alone? — Linda Stone, Walcott, N.D.

A: We have skilled the identical factor with deer — they will use very younger timber for rubbing, which often scrapes the bark right down to the white wooden sufficient to kill it. Making use of tree wraps might be the most effective deterrent, just like the white cylinders bought at backyard facilities for tree safety. Black corrugated drain tile from residence enchancment shops additionally works properly. Slice one aspect to permit placement across the trunk. Tree wraps ought to prolong from floor degree as much as the decrease branches. Scent-sort deer repellents can be utilized to the trunk, however success varies significantly.

Q: I’ve received partially used packets of vegetable seeds from this previous season’s backyard. Typically there are too many seeds for my area. Can these leftover seeds be used subsequent spring? What’s their shelf life? — B. Sullivan, Alexandria, Minn.

A: Though seed viability relies upon considerably on vegetable sort, an important issue is cool-dry storage. If saved in a fridge in a tightly closed container, seeds might be high quality for subsequent yr. Most seeds retailer nicely for 2 to 5 years or longer. It is necessary to refrigerate the leftovers instantly after the packet’s first use….

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