Construction crew discovers triceratops skull, skeleton

A dinosaur fossil has been found in Colorado by development staff.

The bones and cranium of a triceratops have been discovered final Friday in Thornton on the development website of a brand new public security constructing.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science curator of dinosaurs Joe Sertich says the discover is one in every of three triceratops skulls discovered alongside the Colorado Entrance Vary and has probably been laying there for a minimum of sixty six million years.


A horn and shoulder blade has been unearthed up to now by crews working to uncover the fossil.

Triceratops had two massive horns over its eyes and a smaller nostril horn.

Sertich says most fossils discovered within the Denver space are from the Ice Age roughly 10,000-12,000 years in the past and are bones of mammoths and camels.

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