Checklist: Be Prepared For A Hurricane

Bottled water, no less than three gallons per individual

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Canned meats, canned soups and chili

Ice chest and ice

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Bleach for sterilization (unscented with Hypochlorite the one lively ingredient). Additionally, tincture or iodine, or water purification tablets.


Water filter

PHOTO: Oleg Shelomentsev/istock

Prescription drugs (2-week provide)

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Flashlights, lantern


Batter-operated TV/radio and clock


Bedding and sleeping luggage

Protecting clothes, rainwear

Toolbox with important instruments

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Money (ATMs might not work after the storm)

Hold your automotive keys and maps useful in case of evacuation

Put together your necessary paperwork in case of evacuation


Be ready to evacuate together with your pets. It isn’t protected for them to go away them behind.

PHOTO: Dora Horvath/SXC

Gasoline for turbines, automobiles

Waterproof matches / sterno

Charcoal and lighter fluid

PHOTO: Melanie Johnson/SXC

Propane tanks (for grills)

PHOTO: Hearst

Plastic sheeting, tarp

PHOTO: John Atwater / WCVB

Plastic rubbish luggage


Duct or masking tape


Toys and video games

PHOTO: John Siebert/SXC

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