AstroBob: It's September, time for my Orion fix

I received my dose early Sept. three whereas checking in on a few comets and a current supernova. Quietly opening the entrance door simply after three:30 a.m., I stepped out as Orion stepped up. Betelgeuse, Rigel, Saiph and Bellatrix made their regular huge field across the three-stars-in-a-row because the constellation cleared the treetops within the southeastern sky. What a refreshing sight after a summer time of warmth and humidity. Orion’s wintertime associations give it that “cooling impact” we’re all on the lookout for by the opening of September. And it is simply fantastic to take a look at.

This month and subsequent are additionally the most effective occasions to discover the constellation’s many double stars and nebulae with out getting frozen fingers. Temperature that morning: fifty three levels, good for a light-weight jacket. The Orion Nebula, situated a brief distance under the three-star belt, received my consideration. I swung the scope in its path and fortunately lapped up the view. Seeing it once more was like seeing the primary bloodroots bloom in April. So good to have you ever again once more.

The nebula and lots of of Orion’s stars are situated within the Orion Arm (typically, referred to as the Orion Spur), a minor spiral arm of the Milky Method. The arm is about three,500 mild-years throughout and 10,000 mild-years lengthy. Guess who else lives there? You do!

The photo voltaic system lies inside the arm as do most of the brilliant stars that dot the night time sky. Betelgeuse could also be 642 mild-years away and the Orion Nebula 1,344 however seen on a galactic scale, we’re simply throughout the road from one another.

Howdy, neighbor.

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