ALWAYS IN SEASON/ MIKE JACOBS: Raven tales show curious, opportunistic bird

By uncanny coincidence, as I learn, I heard a raven name. This can be a distinctive noise, not more likely to be confused with another hen name. I glanced out the window, and a raven flew by. For a second, I imagined the chook glanced by means of the window.

Maybe it did, and maybe its look was no coincidence. Viking seers possible would have imagined and interpreted the importance of this look. The Vikings, from whom my neighbors, the Norwegian-People, descend, positioned nice inventory within the raven. They worshipped Odin – the Vikings, I imply, not my neighbors, a minimum of to my information. Odin stored ravens, one on every shoulder. They have been his information gatherers, reporting goings-on to the god.

That is akin to journalism, so I’ve a passion for ravens.

The information of most curiosity was information of battles, and ravens have been all the time current on fields of battle. Ravens are omnivores, absolutely able to looking for themselves, however they by no means move up a simple meal. Ravens in flocks instructed carnage on the sector, and emblazoning a flag with a raven’s picture may be meant as each a reminder and a warning. That’s how the Saxons interpreted it.

The report of encounters between the Saxons and the Vikings is way from full. So far as we all know, the Saxons first encountered the raven banner in 878 at a battle in Devonshire. The banner drooped; the Saxons have been victorious that day. The victory was tenuous, nevertheless; not for half a century have been the Saxons capable of take management of all of what now’s England, they usually couldn’t maintain it. Canute, in any case, was a Viking, recognized to his individuals as Knut. William the Conqueror was a Norman, a label derived from the “North males.”

Britain nonetheless holds the raven in particular regard. As long as ravens stay on the Tower of London, custom holds, Britain might be protected. Throughout Margaret Thatcher’s tenure as prime minister, one of many tower’s ravens was named Ronald Raven, a tribute to President Reagan. The Brits may need been hedging their bets with this nod to their American allies.

Ravens happen throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Lewis and Clark encountered them ceaselessly and didn’t hassle to explain them, since they have been equivalent to birds they knew from the Atlantic coast. In early February 1805, Clark led a gaggle on a 5-day searching journey; the group killed a number of bison, 9 elk and about 30 deer. This was an excessive amount of to hold again a lot of it was cached. A number of days later, Clark returned to gather what remained after ravens, magpies and…

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